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During pregnancy I couldn’t help thinking about my odds of a difficult birth.
I kept thinking it’s lucky dip right? Your experience is dependent on pure chance. My mind would wonder and I’d ask myself questions like; how will I cope with it? Will this happen to me, or that happen to me?

As time went on and I approached the 3rd trimester I found myself fearing the delivery more than enjoying the pregnancy, so I decided I needed help and I needed to equip myself to be better prepared.

That’s when I found hypnobirthing!

Amie was amazing! She helped us learn how much you can actually control in labour and it’s not all up to chance. Once I realised how empowered I could feel and be, I started to relax about the whole thing.

We decided to have a home birth and a water pool in the dining room.
We laboured so well at home, and I can honestly say I enjoyed it!
I was transferred to hospital but after doing the hypnobirthing this prospect didn’t fill me with dread, instead I was able to embrace the process and trust my body would know what to do. “Our birth would be the right one for me and my baby”
Our son ended up being born in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.

Despite eventful, I honestly felt it was a really beautiful birth. I never reached a point of fear (which I thought I would), I put that down to feeling like it was on my terms. I chose to do things, as opposed to feeling like things were being done to me.

Amie taught us the skills and importance of feeling empowered in birth, so the experience became one to look forward to, enjoy and embrace as opposed to fear. It’s not something I thought was possible but it is! We can’t thank her enough!!

PHH July 2023

A Mother and Father with their baby inbetween

We decided to do a hypno birthing course because we wanted to be as informed as possible. We felt we knew nothing going in, but came out feeling like we knew what we had to do.


After a hard first birth with an emergency c-section, we took a HB refresher with Amie.


She spoke to us about something we didn’t know was possible - making an elective c-section as special and as beautiful as natural labour.


Once a c-section became our best option again, as the father I made sure our birth was calm, happy and beautiful. We played our own music throughout and little baby Connor was delivered while our first dance song from our wedding played.


We can’t thank Amie enough for all of her amazing help when she came to ours for the sessions. We also had a phone call with her later on too and she’s been helpful since birth as well. ​

Barry & Sarah L. April 2023.


My best friend had hypnobirthed so I was definitely keen to follow in her footsteps! So I promptly booked my partner and I onto a hypnobirthing course with Amie. And I’m so glad I did. I honestly believe it gave me my dream birth and allowed me to manage labour in a positive way. 


I woke up just after midnight feeling some surges. It was 9 days since my due date, so I thought to myself, is this really it?! It was intense from the start so I think it’s possible I’d slept through the start of it.  I went downstairs to try and sleep a bit more but there was no chance of that. I had planned to stay home if possible, so we called the first midwives about 8am. 


Because I was only 3cm at this point and wanted little intervention we agreed that they would leave and we would call back once labour had progressed further. 


At 10.30am we had 2 midwives arrive who then stayed until after my water birth at 15.14pm. We had a beautiful baby girl, weighing 8’14. 


I had my dream birth, the midwives were amazing and I strongly believe the continuity of care and my hypnobirthing techniques, as well as being fully aware of my options led to this wonderful outcome.


I look back on my birth so positively and I’ll cherish those special memories forever. We’re so grateful to Amie for all her support, both before and after birth. 

Lizzie & Sindiso, September 2022.

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