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Amie introduced me to hypnobirthing and I can't thank her enough! I truly believe it helped me to achieve my dream birth. As a first time mum, this was all new to me but Amie is so knowledgeable and supportive- she put me at ease instantly. She answered all of the questions that we had and shared so much valuable information.

Amie went above and beyond and I would recommend this course to anyone. 

Baby girl, born at home weighing 8lb 14oz.

Lizzie B. 

Amie came to our house for some HypnoBirthing refreshers, as we took the full course four years ago for our first baby. We loved having her, and thought she was great. She spoke very passionately about the science behind a positive birth, and used her own experiences and stories really well. She cares so much about our journey, and we too wish her all the best as she continues to help other couples! xxx

Barry & Sarah L.

My husband and I are expecting our first baby in May of this year. We have just finished our 4 week hypnobirthing course and couldn’t recommend Amie and the course enough.


With it being our first we were very unsure and uneducated with what to expect. Amie has taught us about all of our choices and our options and helped us become so much more settled and excited for our birth experience, going in knowing what to expect and so much more educated on our choices.


Amie has been so lovely, has come to our house for the sessions and has made us feel so comfortable and at ease and like it has been a friend sat with us. She is very professional and very passionate about the services that she provides, also very knowledgeable which she has shared her knowledge with us.


We can’t thank her enough.

Phoebe & Olly C.

My husband and I have just finished our 1:1 course with Amie after going to one of the taster sessions and I absolutely cannot recommend her enough - especially if it’s your first baby, your slightly curious about hypnobirthing or even a little anxious about birth.

Amie came to our house to deliver the course and made us feel completely at ease. We went into the experience absolutely clueless about hypnobirthing and birth in general. Amie shared a huge amount of knowledge, techniques and her own experiences with us. We have finished the course feeling as prepared, knowledgable and positive as possible surrounding birth and our birthing plan

Thank you so much Amie x

Antonia & Dan B.

Amie taught us a lot on hypnobirthing and alternative techniques/facts over our 1:1 sessions. I would highly recommend any courses. Knowledge is power and Amie gave us that. Amazing and Thankyou

Cassie & Nick B.

Me & my wife contacted Amie @ Empowering Birth after a friend of ours swore by utilising Hypnobirthing techniques during labour. Amie was lovely, very passionate and after 4 x 1:1 sessions at our home, put us at ease, giving us a new mindset for labour and whatever it threw at us.

Hypnobirthing gave my wife a strong feeling of control during labour even after having to have an emergency c-section. She wore her AirPods through the majority of labour and even in theatre to help calm her throughout. We could not thank Amie enough for the teaching, advice and guidance to help us both.

Lucy & Charlie N.

We decided to partake in Amie’s refresher course, having taken the full course 4.5yrs ago when pregnant with our first. It was a great reminder of how any type of birth can be a positive experience. Amie is really knowledgeable and gave us some amazing advice. She also asked us about our previous birthing experience and we looked at aspects that maybe didn’t go as planned and helped us to reset our mindset to a more positive one.

I can not recommend hypnobirthing enough to Parents-to-be, it really is a game changer. And I highly recommend Amie as your coach, she makes you feel super relaxed and chilled throughout the sessions and excited about your up-and-coming birthing experience.

Gemma & David S.

Amie is an amazing hypnobirthing instructor! We can’t recommend her enough. We decided to have 1-1 sessions and Amie was so kind, so passionate and helped us go from being apprehensive and to be honest even scared of birth, to looking forward to it and feeling equip to do it. The course and her teachings helped so much during the labour, I was able to put into practice all we had learnt and was so busy using the techniques I ended up doing it without any pain relief at all. The breathing was my pain relief! My other half also felt the course helped him prepare as the birth partner and he was amazing at supporting me in the moment. I definitely feel hypnobirthing helped us have a positive beautiful birth which was calm despite eventful. I would do it all again. Thank you Amie

Pembe & Leander

I highly recommend Amie and her hypnobirthing classes. It really helped us prepare mentally and practically for our  home birth. Amie is so warm and welcoming, she was a huge support for us in our pregnancy, and continues to be now we have our baby!

Cecilia & Nick J.

I went to Amie’s pregnancy relaxation classes that she does and I would highly recommend them to anyone. Amie is very friendly and supportive and provides a comfortable relaxing environment to discuss key pregnancy topics and have a relax. Each session is centred around a topic that you discuss but can often lead to other topics, there is also two guided meditations which I found very relaxing and useful. I left each session feeling very relaxed and Monday nights were definitely the best nights sleep I got each week after this session. Thank you Amie!

Lucy P.

Myself and my birth partner attended the Hypnobirthing workshop. We loved the workshop it was full of information Amie was really knowledgeable. Myself and my husband came away feeling confident and had all our query’s answered. We loved the hypnobirthing scripts and felt super relaxed and look forward to practicing ready for our home birth.

Caroline & Kevin O.

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